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About Me

My wife, girls, and Macie!

I consider myself very lucky.  Unlike most young people, I knew what I wanted to do with my life beginning in high school.  I grew up in Darlington, Wisconsin, and I wanted to be a teacher in a small rural school just like my home town.  I found the fit I was looking for in 2002 when I was hired by Wisconsin Heights.  During my childhood my teachers and coaches had an incredibly positive influence on my development and I wanted to do the same for young people.  I began to coach high school sports while I was attending UW-Platteville and have been involved with working closely with young people ever since.  Besides teaching various social studies courses during my career, I have had awesome experiences coaching boys and girls basketball, football, and even track and field.  

My wife Heidi and I were married in 1998 and have had the fortune of being blessed with three beautiful daughters after we settled in Mount Horeb.  We love to travel near and far to enjoy the nature that is provided.  Our girls' activities keep us very busy and engaged with neighborhood and town, and school events.